Washington Hyperbaric Therapy Center is the ideal flagship company for our medical practice content marketing initiative. We've had the opportunity to take these guys from stale to stellar and we'd be hard pressed to find an organization that deserves our talents more. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a breakthrough treatment for a wide variety of illnesses and Washington Hyperbaric needed a lot of help to spread the word to folks who would benefit from their services.

The original Washington Hyperbaric website was bit of a cluttered mess, but nothing more than we're used to: lots of content culled from a wide variety of sources, illogical navigation, outdated design and sloppy organization which made it difficult to effectively highlight their awesome value proposition.

We set out to create a design that was attention-grabbing but remained mellow and calming since we knew a lot of visitors arriving at the site have had enough stress in their lives already. We used warm and pleasing colors, even mellowing out the white of the background to give the entire website a relaxing vibe.

We organized all the messy content into a readable and logical library of very useful information for all of Washington Hyperbaric's prospective markets and used compelling, real-life stories to strengthen the brand and motivate visitors to experience HBOT themselves.

But we aren't even close to finished. Even as we continue to add to Washington Hyperbaric's library of content, we're preparing to launch their new blog which will showcase the health benefits of HBOT and the growing research suggesting its effectiveness for a variety of conditions.

View project: www.washingtonhyperbarics.com

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