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Emotional Design: What Your Website Says About You

When Sammamish Children’s Therapy came to us the first thing we noticed was their passion, they genuinely desire that their business make a difference in lives of their patients. When we started working with Sammamish Children’s Therapy (SCT) we were blown away by their commitment to serve the families in their community. Due to the sensitive nature of SCT’s work we wanted to make sure their website was an extension of who they were, full of life and love for their patients!


Our first goal was to make sure that visitors to the new SCT website would immediately take notice of their desire: to instill hope in their patients. To create this open and friendly site we engaged in extensive dialogue with SCT to make sure we understood who they are and how we could best served them. From there we examined everything; copy, colors, fonts, and even minute details like the rounded corners surrounding text and pictures. All of these elements were examined and designed to work to towards creating an electrifying site that would encourage and delight potential patients.

One aspect of their site that we are particularly proud of is the logo. When we set about creating their logo we asked ourselves what is SCT trying to achieve? And we decided on two things: First, we decided to base the logo on the shape of a star, because each child who comes to them for therapy should feel like they are special, a ‘star’ if you will. Second, we integrated the idea of a puzzle, because during therapy every child is solving a problem. This combination of making each child feel special while they move through their therapy culminated in the logo you see here. We were exceedingly excited to show this logo to the them and we were thrilled that they reciprocated out enthusiasm.


Since the SCT’s website was created from scratch it was imperative that it clearly convey who they are as individuals and a organization. To accomplished this through the content of their website, we crafted a specific outline for each page.  We were then able to make sure that every aspect of SCT was represented; the last thing we wanted was a site that only captured a shadow of SCT.

To highlight how SCT has helped past clients, we created a ‘stories’ section where SCT could celebrate their patients growth. To create this section we interviewed some of patients parents, because there is nothing more inspiring than a parent’s joy from seeing their child’s progress. This portion of the website is very special to us because it showcases the goal of everyone who works for SCT, helping children live richer, fuller lives. 

While many people perceive the internet to be very impersonal we at Sofionik disagree. For SCT we recommended creating a ‘Meet Our Therapists’ page, this way you are introduced to the entire SCT family and can see their passion for your child’s success. Creating a bond between patients and therapists starts with the first click on the site and we wanted this page to be the bridge between the first visit and initial interaction.


SCT has gone from having no tangible web presence to a site that encapsulates them as an advocate for children on Seattle’s east side. When it come to gaging SCT’s success we think SCT Director Lisa Hamblin says it best:

Lisa Hamblin“We have had the busiest Fall season yet: lots of phone calls; lots of new kids. The website is definitely doing its job. ...I have had several parents call saying, “I was looking at your website and …” Having Sofionik build our website was one of the best decisions that SCT has made. It has made a huge difference in the number of parents calling our clinic as well as the unexpected outcome of the clinicians feeling more valuable.”

We are very excited that our work has been so influential in helping SCT make a greater impact in the lives of children and parents in the greater Seattle area. With a little thought and creativity you can create a website that speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for, and we at Sofionik are here to help you make that happen.

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Dmitry and his team at Sofionik Design Group built Sammamish Children's Therapy a beautiful new website and designed a new logo for our company. Dmitry was able to creatively reflect our company in his work. I could not have asked for a better experience or team to work with. I highly recommend Dmitry and Sofionik Design Group to anyone looking to build a website or improve their online presence. —Lisa Hamblin, Director of Sammamish Children's Therapy

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