Russian Travel

“Hey we’re Russian, we know what we’re talking about!” – Russian Travel website

How do you make paperwork fun? Or sell a boring service like visa application assistance? You call Sofionik!

Russia Travel had a really sweet thing going on, but hardly anyone knew about it. For two decades, they’ve been crucial to helping students, business people and tourists navigate the bureaucratic hurdles of obtaining a Russian visa.

We said we didn’t think it could possibly be that hard. Just like it isn’t too hard to design an effective and elegant website right? Touch?.

Because this was a brand-spanking-new website for a company that didn’t have any kind of site before, we had a lot of creative room to maneuver and we’re very proud of the design we came up with.

The colors and bold font evoke the former U.S.S.R., but playfully, while the content does a good job of showing potential clients how much RT knows about paperwork, fees and visa requirements.

As usual, we’ve built a bad-to-the-bone website on our homemade Nucleus content management system to give Russian Travel the tools to easily and quickly add or edit content and expand the site as their business requires.

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  • Survival dictionary :)
Services provided: Content creation, Website design, Development, Content Management System.

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