Raskin, CPA

No one ever had anything to say about Vladimir Raskin's old website, because no one ever saw it. Floating in search-engine oblivion it didn't look very good, had no compelling content and it wasn't generating customers.

Luckily, we specialize in turning stale websites into marketing machines. We gave Raskin a simple and modern design and kept the layout uncluttered in order to best promote his individualized service and expertise in all things finance.

Raskin CPA looks like a whole new business now. The site draws in search traffic and offers a compelling look at the qualifications of one of Seattle's best CPAs. We were also able to streamline workflow for the entire business. The site is powered by our Nucleus content management system with a custom backend to make exchanging large files with his clients a simple process. Clients can log in and view all their files in one place. Not only have we made an everyday task more efficient, Raskin can now market this service as a benefit to his clients.

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Services provided: Content creation, Website design, Development, Content Management System, SEO.

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