Global Rider

Global Rider is just the kind of challenge we love: craft a compelling message for a VIP service start-up and help them develop a unique position in an ultra-exclusive market. Their prospects have no time to waste in making a decision about transportation services so every aspect of their site had to deliver the goods right away.

We helped them shape their brand from the ground up to create a site that they know will perform well based on their 17 years in the industry. We love working with dedicated professionals like these who bring a lot to the table when creating compelling content.

Global Rider's site is yet another example of how Sofionik's web development and content marketing go beyond simply presenting your business in an attractive way. Throughout our process we help identify efficiencies and shape policies that combine marketing and client service seamlessly. Take a look at their Global Connect Logistics service for an example of how we can create and present a service in a unique and compelling way to set businesses apart from competitors.

Of course the new Global Rider site contains many features that are always included in our custom CMS Nucleus. The Home page has a classy content slider with images and strong action buttons to take prospects to information quickly, the navigation remains simple and consistent across all pages and the entire site is easy to update and maintain.

After launch, we'll focus on carrying the strong brand we've created across a variety of marketing materials and optimizing their site to be found by travelers from everywhere in the country. Our marketing plan doesn't end after web design, social media, blogs, and press releases will be important components of a successful content marketing campaign.

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Services provided: Content creation, Website design, Development, Content Management System.

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