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Craftsmanship. Universally this word brings to mind products and services that are made with such care and articulation that they embody the soul of their creator. Today the need for craftsmanship has never been more obvious. Our society is a product of the industrial revolution, and as such we use products that have been created by machines, not craftsmen. Customers, in light of the current recession, have begun to revaluate what they consume and where it comes from (i.e. the eat local movement, emergence of Etsy) and this is changing the way we work. The web is not immune to this paradigm shift, and this is for the better. 

In light of this revolution the design team at Sofionik is eager to display its desire to influence the standards by which people judge the craftsmanship and quality of websites. When we were approached by the Fascinate Stone & Tile we quickly realized that this was the perfect opportunity to create a website where craftsmanship is highly valued by both parties.


Fascinate Stone & Tile has little time to dedicate to marketing because they are tied up with what they do best, creating custom interior design projects that live up to their clients expectations. Sofionik’s challenge was to create an identity that respected Fascinate’s attention to detail and displayed their beautiful work with out becoming cluttered or confusing.


To shape Fascinate’s site we focused on content. With crisp content Fascinate Stone & Tile could showcase their work in a context that would immediately resonate with visitors. When deciding the context for the site we had to decide on the target market for Fascinate’s average customer, someone who values great design and values high standards of craftsmanship. To create an environment that this target market would be familiar with, we settled on emulating the aesthetic of a museum. Museums are the places that are synonymous with upholding the great, compelling, and cherished elements of human culture; a perfect pairing for the custom creations of Fascinate Stone & Tile.

With the target market and context in place we were well positioned to go ahead with site design. To emphasize Fascinate’s custom work Sofionik focused the sites attention on curating the work that Fascinate Stone & Tile has produced in such a way that the visitor can easily see the quality of the work and limiting information to only that which enhances the viewers understanding of the work. To maintain this simplicity and create a site that could be navigated efficiently we kept the page count to a minimum. Focusing instead on creating an environment that is easy to navigate and only on essential information, making the experience educational and pleasant.


Fascinate Stone & Tile now has an incredible showcase for their work, putting them in a great position for not only today, but the future as well. We look forward to monitoring Fascinate Stone & Tile’s development and giving them the tools and support they need to grow their business.

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Services provided: Content creation, Website design, Development, Content Management System, Identity design.

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