Downtown Banya

Downtown Banya is a sumptuous slice of Russia located in downtown Everett, Washington. For 4 years brothers Alex and Vitaliy have been welcoming guests to their modern re-creation of the traditional Russian sauna as we've been friends with them (and loyal patrons) since they first opened. Sofionik has had a hand in every piece of their marketing from print brochures to social media so we were the first choice when it came time for a re-design.

The biggest challenge to this site design was based on DB's primary challenge: introduce American consumers to a unique blend of Russian tradition with modern spa amenities like massage and exfoliation. The facility is even home to a first-rate bistro and a billiards table in the dining room. How to effectively (and concisely) communicate all this in a compelling package? Sounds like the perfect Sofionik project.


Our design solution centers around large, enticing images of the saunas, the soaking pools and everything else so visitors can easily visualize themselves unwinding in the banya's relaxing atmosphere. If there's anything we've learned designing websites for businesses like this it's that the more intimate the occasion, the more customers like to get a look around before coming in. We're all more comfortable when we know what to expect.

We added high-res images of DB's bistro food that are literally mouth-watering. It was difficult while working on this project not to head over there for some smoked trout, vareniki or borscht and on more than one occasion Dimitry succumbed to the lure of their heavenly Evergreen Zavarka tea.


Most of the new website's content is re-purposed from an old newsletter campaign and a mix of content from brochures and promotions. This is a great budget option for clients looking for a short-term content solution.

The whole tone of the site is fun and conversational, meant to engage the reader and compel her to visit the spa. For visitors who are unfamiliar with a Russian banya (and there are a lot of them) we included detailed guides for banya enjoyment that are chock full of Russian lore and useful health tips.

Besides the delightful design and engaging content, the site packs some neat advanced features. Custom gift cards can be purchased, personalized, and printed within minutes, visitors can schedule a massage or exfoliation right from the website and of course it's all been built on our homemade Nucleus CMS for simple maintenance and easy updating.

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  • Home page
  • Bistro page
  • Services page
  • Gift card checkout
  • Custom gift card
Services provided: Content creation, Website design, Development, Content Management System, E-commerce integration, Identity design.

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