Dealyoop was a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work. The client needed a complete brand and marketing package to support her innovative concept for a deal-buying site. We took her concept and added our genius twist, coming up with Dealyoop – the number one site for the sweetest local treasures.

From the logo to the activation email, we created a cohesive brand theme that makes Dealyoop an easy and fun site to use. We then set about crafting a compelling message to target both subscribers and merchants and promote the benefits of Dealyoop.

Targeting a brand to two (or more) distinct markets is quite a challenge, and requires a strong brand concept to pull it off. We built a custom style-guide as a base for all of Dealyoop's content which will continue to help the company maintain a consistent style and tone as they expand.

On the development side of things, Dealyoop presented even more opportunities for success. Using our awesome home-made Content Management System Nucleus, we built a site that was easy to use for subscribers, merchants, and the folks running Dealyoop. Merchants can easily track the number of deals sold through their profile, the Dealyoop staff can quickly and easily add, edit or manage their subscriber list and deal-buyers will find a simple, fun interface that's familiar without being derivative.

Like all our sites, Dealyoop is easy to use, looks great and runs flawlessly behind the scenes.

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  • Deal page
  • Order form
  • Real-time scheduling
  • Appointment calendar in business account
  • Client profile in business account
Services provided: Branding, Content creation, Content Management System, Web design, User interface design, Web development, E-commerce.

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