The ArtelCraft website design and content strategy is one of our most exciting projects yet. When these expert Seattle-area hardwood installers came to us asking for the wise owl’s advice on a basic redesign, we saw that they were going to need a lot more than just an update to their Wordpress template.

We started with our now-classic Sofionik development interview, working with the company to identify their ideal market and figure out exactly what type of quality content we were going to use to attract qualified prospects. Hardwood floors aren’t exactly an impulse purchase. Homeowners typically spend months deciding on wood species and finishes and then look to finding a reliable contractor.

We’ve helped ArtelCraft become a resource for these potential clients at every stage of the buying cycle. Homeowners still deciding on a style of hardwood are directed to ArtelCraft’s handy Hardwood Buying Guide which includes detailed info about a variety of species and the main differences between types of hardwood floors. When a contractor provides valuable resources like this, they are the natural choice for homeowners when it comes time to hire a crew. ArtelCraft’s site is optimized to engage and convert visitors whether they’re still looking at options or they’re ready to buy. 


Once we identified the best content to feature and the optimal way to arrange it all, we set out designing an elegant and effective site that would impress visitors with its modern style while evoking the classic warmth associated with hardwood floors.

There are plenty of hardwood contractor websites on the ‘net. Do a quick Google search and you’ll see for yourself that most are boring at best and often cluttered with keywords, overlapping text boxes and hideous color schemes. A Sofionik website really makes ArtelCraft stand out from the crowd. Not only is their new site visually appealing, but it’s packed with content that no other hardwood contractor has.


As per usual, ArtelCraft’s website comes with our custom CMS Nucleus to manage it all. Updating the portfolio section and adding additional pages and content is ridiculously simple – because we designed it from the ground-up to be that way. 

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  • Home page
  • Services page
  • Portfolio page
  • Hardwood guide page
  • Identity
Services provided: Content creation, Website design, Development, Content Management System, Identity design.

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