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Ample Electrical Group is an incredible team of young professionals with big ambitions. The entire crew is dedicated to building a full-service electrical firm that specializes in meeting their customers' needs efficiently and reliably. Whether it's a homeowner, contractor or building manager, Ample's customers are looking for a trustworthy and experienced contractor. The new website has to showcase those qualities and set Ample apart from the boring, keyword-stuffed websites of their competitors.

Take a look at the old version of Ample's site and you'll see bad design, useless content and enough keywords to make an SEO guru's head spin. The old Ample site brought them virtually no traffic and resulted in near zero conversions. Time to get Sofionik on the job.

As usual, we tossed the old design and built their new site from the ground up. (We did keep some of the original colors.) We started with a modern design featuring stylish buttons and call-outs to create a strong first impression. There are thousands of contractors to choose from so a well-designed and distinctive site is a must to make an impression in the industry. We included advanced features like a portfolio section to showcase their experience and inspire potential customers with project ideas.

Like all our custom-designed websites, we put a great deal of time into developing the information architecture to create a flexible framework for adding new content. Updating the site with additional portfolio items, testimonials or new services will be simple and easy with Sofionik's Nucleus content management system.

As any good web designer knows, it takes more than just elegant and logical design to make a high-performing website. They were going to need some excellent content to replace the keyword-drenched nonsense they had up before.

We crafted Ample's message to engage visitors, prove their expertise and build trust with potential customers. By carefully coordinating site architecture and content, we made sure to deliver exactly the right message at the right time, with clear calls-to-action to convert visitors into buyers. Ample's new content works better than the previous copy, while still containing necessary keywords and SEO elements to build their search engine ranking.

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  • Portfolio page
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Services provided: Content creation, Website design, Development, Content Management System, Identity design.

I have worked and hired Dmitry for multiple projects, anything from Logo design, to a full blown website, and every time I hired Dmitry he went above my expectations and delivers a product which blows all others away in the industry. He is highly experienced, has an amazing taste for design, and puts a lot of details into all his work. Every time i work with Dmitry it's a pleasure, i highly recommend him and his team to anyone who needs anything designed or printed!
—Vlad Razumovich, Sales Manager, Ample Electrical Group, Inc

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