Advanced Foot & Ankle Clinics

Advanced Foot and Ankle Clinic's new website is a superb example of how we use our specialization in medical design to change the way doctors and therapists do business online.

After consulting with AFAC on local SEO, we realized right away that they were going to need an entirely new framework for their online marketing filled with compelling content about their services. We built their site infrastructure and created a design that incorporated the doctors' personal preferences and effective web design principles.

The result is a website that ranks high in local search and converts site visitors into new business for AFAC. The content clearly describes AFAC's services and answers the most common questions new patients have. When it's time to schedule an appointment, clear calls-to-action direct patients to the appointment request form and a page where they can print all the necessary paperwork to reduce waiting time at the clinic. These are both features that Sofionik integrates into all our medical websites and shows how we can improve marketing and profits both online and "in-store."

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Services provided: Content strategy, Design, Development, Content Management System, Local search engine optimization.

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