Advanced Family Medicine

Advanced Family Medicine originally approached us for some local SEO but we saw right away that their site just didn't cut the cake. Their website did nothing to communicate AFM's goals, values or personal approach to healthcare. Even if they got to the top of the search results we knew their website wouldn't convert visitors to patients. It took a few meeting to convince them to take the plunge and go for a comprehensive Sofionik re-design.

We started by handcrafting the perfect copy to show how AFM is providing superior service to their community. Each physician or therapist is highlighted in great detail allowing every individual personality to shine through and make a lasting impression on potential patients. Even the call to action "Speak to us" is more personal and inviting than the standard "Call us."

Their original site colors were a bright blue and yellow that just didn't please the eye, so we softened the shades but kept the basic scheme so returning visitors would know they were at the right site. We used warm menu fonts combined with bold San Serif for headings that stand out and arranged everything so that it's simple to use and easy to find all the information patients need.

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Services provided: Content strategy, Design, Development, Local search engine optimization.

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