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We don’t just design outstanding websites – we make sure your site is found and that it delivers results.

How do we do that?

We build sites from a strong foundation of compelling content, SEO and effective design principles. Using our home-built content management system Nucleus, we create sites that are easy to use and maintain with a framework focused on achieving your company’s objectives. Everything we design is engineered to lead visitors in the direction you want. Ready to launch a website that will accelerate your business?


We believe that great design is born from outstanding content. Just as you can’t advertise a product that doesn’t exist, design without content is just icing without the cake. We take the time to understand your values and your goals and carefully craft content that effectively delivers your unique message to the world.

Images, videos, copy and blogs all form a solid foundation of compelling content which will inspire the finished design. More about our design process.


Even a beautifully designed website isn’t guaranteed to be found. There are thousands of gorgeous sites stranded on deserted islands where no one can find them. Think of how many pages of search results you typically scroll through. 2? 3? Or rarely more than 1?

Where should you be?

We know you need to be on Page 1 and that’s why everything under the hood of your site is designed to get you on the top of the search engine pile. We construct site architecture that lays a foundation for SEO elements like landing pages, blogs and videos and our custom content management system Nucleus makes updating content easy. Our clients have consistently moved up in search engine results after working with us.

That’s because we make sites that are Search Engine Friendly. Search engine spiders (or ‘bots) crawl across the web looking for keywords and content that will deliver exactly what internet users are looking for. Sofionik knows the magic combinations that convince the ‘bots to put you at the top of the list. When visitors arrive and find compelling content, search engines learn that your website is a source of trusted information. The results are exponential. Get found, get read, and get to #1.


The most common problem we see with small business websites is that they were designed by the owner’s nephew (or cousin, or sister). As much as you love your family, do you want to trust the success of your business to them?

Marketing the Nephew Website won’t get you anywhere; visitors will arrive and quickly leave which will further hurt your standing in the Google ranks. What’s more, visitors will begin to associate your brand with an unprofessional look that doesn’t match your objectives or your mission. And there’s a good chance your nephew doesn’t know content strategy and SEO like we do.

  • HighYa

    We built HighYa from the ground up to be a lean, mean content machine, by using minimal design, rich content, and a strategic approach to fostering user involvement.

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  • Fascinate Stone & Tile

    When we were approached by the Fascinate Stone & Tile we quickly realized that this was the perfect opportunity to create a website where craftsmanship is highly valued.

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  • Sammamish Children's Therapy

    How do you take a dynamic organization and showcase their devotion and love for their patients? With great content and custom design.

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  • Downtown Banya

    How do you entice an American audience into a traditional Russian spa? You get Sofionik. Discover how we're introducing some old friends to the world.

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  • Ample Electrical

    How does a small electrical firm make a big impact? See how we gave Ample a vibrant design and compelling content to highlight their industry expertise and transform visitors into customers.

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  • ArtelCraft

    A contractor’s website built to stand out from the crowd. See how we’re helping a local hardwood installer attract higher-paying clients with engaging content and elegant design.

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  • Global Rider

    Global Rider is just the kind of challenge we love: craft a compelling message for a VIP service start-up and help them develop a unique position in an ultra-exclusive market.

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