Trading Hot Air for Wisdom

Posted on December 07, 2012 in Design process by Dmitry Ozik
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Ever look back at old photos and wonder to yourself, ‘Why did I ever think I looked good in that outfit!’ Well business’ have these same moments. Every time I look back at our old logo I think wow, I cannot believe how far we have come. At the time our old logo was fine, it did its job. But just as people’s tastes mature, our have too. We learned a lot through this change and we thought we would share what we learned.

History of Sofionik Logos

Our first logo was hastily created (never a good idea), but things were changing so fast for our fledgling company that we had to move quick.

Sofionik's original logo
Sofionik's original logo

We chose the hot air balloon because it illustrated the gradual flight of imagination to get to an idea/solution; something near and dear to the design process.

However, as we grew and learned more about design we started to become unsettled by the persona of our logo. We wanted something that captured our vision and values and would convey them to our clients and prospects. So began the design process.

First Steps

Just like a toddler our first steps were awkward and wobbly as we found our feet. Thankfully we had the guidance of logo craftsman Alen Pavlovic, who has since created many amazing logos for our clients, without him we would have been truly lost. Before we could even start thinking about a finished product we had to establish what we wanted our logo to say about us.

We set our minds to turning ideas into words with the hope this would become our compass. This is what we wrote:

We are a passionate team of crazy, creative and intelligent beings dedicated to building websites that inspire, motivate and inform.

We lean toward a clean, fresh, minimalistic style. But at the same time we want to communicate creativity. We want the symbol to be unique, straightforward and memorable.

We build our business on the concept that today almost anyone can design a website, but very few people/agencies do it well. We don’t just build websites: Our comprehensive approach to web development combines compelling content, search engine optimization and elegant design to get the results.

Sofionik is a made up word from: “sofia” Greek, meaning wisdom; and “electronic”, meaning something electrical, web-like.

We submitted our ideas to our designer and he came back with this:

Because I also see Sofionik as some classy and sophisticated company that offers something different in the field. And what could be better than a symbol of accuracy, agility and speed? Yup, I am talking about the fastest ground animal on planet, a glorious and wonderful cheetah. But to make it clear that this cheetah represents something IT related, I decided to make it a bit 'industrial' looking with sharp angles and very bold stance.

Designer's first idea
Designer's first idea

While we thought the logo was beautiful we were not convinced that this accurately represented Sofionik. So our search continued.

Round 2

Having tried a completely new tack with the cheetah, we turned back to our hot air balloon for inspiration. This is what our designer responded with:

Round 2

Again we felt that this logo was neither sophisticated nor serious enough to meet the needs of our company.

Round 3

With that we went back to the drawing board; after all, no one said this was going to be easy. We talked more with our designer and racked our brains a bit more and came up with three possibilities:

  • Abstraction of a man thinking. Maybe a head with cogs in it
  • Rubix cube
  • Owl

After more brainstorming and coffee, we were really good at making coffee at this point, we decided to pursue the Owl as a viable logo possibility. Owls are an archetype of wisdom and with the greek word for wisdom sofia in our name things started to click. But what kind of an Owl? This was beginning to be worse than math homework.

We found these images and forwarded them onto our designer.


In return he sent us this:

Round 3

Final Results

Finally some light at the end of the tunnel! We were really coming to love the direction things were headed. Our designer made a few adjustments and was confident that we finally arrived:

I suggest that you visit a local accessories store and buy some nice pillows because this one will land you on your back! :)

Sofionik Logo
Sofionik's final logo

After more than a month we had arrived at our destination. With this we had found a logo we could be proud of. A logo that was clean and profound yet full of meaning. Logo design is no easy thing, but we knew that it was necessary and we have not regretted the time we put into the project.

If you are interested in creating a logo of your own or wish to redesign your existing logo give us a call and we can get started!

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