Design process

Trading Hot Air for Wisdom

Posted on December 07, 2012 in Design process by Dmitry Ozik

Ever look back at old photos and wonder to yourself, ‘Why did I ever think I looked good in that outfit!’ Well business’ have these same moments. Every time I look back at our old logo I think wow, I cannot believe how far we have come. At the time our old logo was fine, it did its job. But just as people’s tastes mature, our have too. We learned a lot through this change and we thought we would share what we learned.

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Designed for Success II: Crafting Content for Effective Marketing

Posted on September 06, 2011 in Design process by Brendan McCrain

In the last part of our Designed for Success series, we talked about setting goals as the foundation for an awesome website. Once you know what you need the site to do, it's time to start crafting a unique message that compels visitors to become buyers, and customers to become brand loyalists.

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