Why I Don’t Like the Internet

Posted on April 25, 2013 in Culture by Travis Nesse
Tags: Communication, Content strategy

Confessions are funny things, altogether frightening, yet full of relief, however in a way they set us free. So here goes my confession; I don’t really like the Internet. There, I said it, gulp, oh my here we go.

Let me explain... My passion is learning. From a young age I loved reading books about anything and everything – I was the kid reading the encyclopedia (two confessions!). So you imagine how excited I was when I was introduced to the Internet. I happily spent hours reading and researching whatever intrigued me; but then something changed.

As the Internet grew in reach and complexity instead of becoming better it started to get worse. While it became visually more refined, I found it harder and harder to find quality information. The amount of time I spent searching the internet for information became burdensome, to the point that I became despondent – though at the time I did not know the reason for my discouragement.

It seems that companies/people decided to create fancy looking websites that were devoid of the information I was looking for—think books with fancy covers but awful stories. All I wanted to find was knowledge, whether the goal of my research was to inform purchases or purely academic I kept coming up short. Time and time again I turned to books and print for the quality information I needed to inform my decisions. But, all is not lost.

Over the past couple of years I have been finding seeds of hope. The first thing I learned was that I am not alone. The desire for quality content that educates and informs decisions is not something only a few people want. In fact whether we know it or not it is something we all seek. We all are looking for to be informed and entertained in ways the surprise and delight, something that does not happen in today’s formulaic Internet environment. The second thing I found were small groups of web designers and marketers who are coming together (A List Apart, Creative Mornings, Ted all come to mind) to drive change in the way we interact with the Internet and each other.  

It was people/groups like this who inspired me to get back into the Internet business. This is why when I was approached by Sofionik, I was thrilled to have found kindered spirits who were striving to forge quality content. I had found a company that was passionate about telling stories and inspiring clients to create quality content that delights and informs their customers, and not just for the sake of ranking high in search results; but to instead make the Internet a better place by leading through example.

The people are waiting, and many do not even know what they are waiting for, let's give them the content they are waiting for and inspire others to do the same.

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