Sofionik Tribute to Steve Jobs

Posted on October 06, 2011 in Culture by Dmitry Ozik
Tags: Apple, Steve Jobs

Right now you can find anything you ever wanted to know about Steve Jobs, his accomplishments and his legacy, but we at Sofionik wanted to take some time and talk about how he and his work have inspired us over the years.

We are of a generation that grew up using Apple computers. At that time, we never thought about the effort and planning that went in to making them easy enough for kids in the third grade to use, we just used them and delighted in playing games like Oregon Trail and Number Crunchers, never knowing we were learning, because learning had never been so much fun. We were lucky to have computers in the classroom throughout school and everything we learned about word processing, spreadsheets and Lego Logo wouldn't have been possible without the Apple II and the Macintosh.

Everything that Jobs stood for in regards to design has shaped how we have evolved as web developers and his passion for simplicity inspires us to create things that are more efficient, clean and useful than what came before. Jobs was an expert at fine-tuning prototypes until they were near perfect in every way. While we can't hope to match that obsessive attention to detail, we can learn from his example.

Jobs had another philosophy that has inspired us immeasurably, he believed in having fun. Everything about the products he designed was fun to use from the computers to the App Store. Dmitry, Sofionik's lead designer, says that his son (who is two and a half) enjoys going to the Apple Store even more than Toys R Us, and when grandma comes to visit she asks the kid for help using the iPhone. The Mac OS has always been easy-to-use and graphically interesting and the iPhone and iPad both contain that same elegant simplicity that's also somehow, indescribably fun.

We'll miss seeing the things that Jobs might have yet created just as we will miss his inspiring work ethic and radical ideas. None of us ever had the chance to know him personally, yet the man has managed to touch each of us in his own way. That's something pretty special.

Goodbye and thanks for all the tech.

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