The Value of Marketing to Small and Mid-Sized Business

What happens when you build a lemonade stand and don’t put out a sign? Your lemonade could come from the fountain of youth, yet no one is going to stop by. This is what many businesses are doing by either cutting their marketing budgets or pursuing no marketing strategy. The result – businesses with great products and services go unnoticed.

With communications becoming exceedingly more complicated thanks to the Internet, businesses are being forced to acquire specialties beyond their core competencies – Doctors posting to Facebook, Contractors writing blogs, etc. This takes time away from what makes them money, and more critically is not something they are particularly comfortable with. This explains why many companies either do not try and market themselves, or start blogs and social media but stop posting fresh content.

So what are these businesses to do? Continue doing extra work they do not enjoy? That just does not make sense. One possible solution is to hire more employees to focus on marketing the business, but this is expensive; recruiting costs, benefits, salary, all add up to make this approach beyond the ability of most business. Further, there may not even be a enough steady work to justify hiring new people. Another solution is to pursue white-label marketing solutions.

What is it White-Label Marketing?

Most businesses are familiar with using subcontractors to fill holes as needed, but it is rare that a subcontractor has the resources and cumulative knowledge to drive your businesses marketing. Instead white-label marketing provides you with a marketing team with the resources and talent needed to get the job done right the first time. Simply put you are hiring a marketing department, without the overhead of recruiting, training, employee benefits, equipment etc. This option clearly offers many advantages, least of which is that it gives you the tools needed to market your business across today’s complex communications channels on an as needed basis. All the skills you need when you need them.


Help from A to Z
Many companies today only sell part of a service, leaving you to find the missing pieces, which in turn eats up more of your valuable time and money. For example hiring a company to create you not only a new website but also develop your: content strategies, marketing automation systems, and overall marketing strategy is infinitely more valuable than a firm that only makes websites. While this approach incurs more initial cost, they money and time saved not looking for other companies to fill your other needs more than makes up for this. Having all your marketing needs from website to strategy to design all under one roof keeps your business moving forward, not wondering where to go next. 

Faster Turn Around TIme
Trying to develop marketing materials to keep your sales pipeline full is hard, and more often then not things get busy and your best intentions get set aside creating a cycle of feast and famine. One of the main reasons for marketing is to keep up a steady flow of business. This workflow fluctuation is what kills the majority of small and mid-size marketing efforts. Instead of balancing your time between your main occupation and marketing efforts, consider having a team dedicated to your marketing. This keeps you from falling into the feasts and famines associated with workflow fluctuation, this allows you to be more productive and can even take your business to the next stages of growth. 

Fresh Perspective
Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes make all the difference. Having an outsider walk into your company can shed light on things that you did not even know were problems. This can spur innovation within your company and help you take advantage of things that otherwise would have gone overlooked. White-label marketing offers this many times over when each member of the team analyzes your business from their role specific perspective.

Cost Reduction
While it may seem cheaper to hire companies that will help with a portion of your marketing – i.e. a website designer, graphic artist, copywriter etc. Think rather of delegating these responsibilities to one company so as to save money and time. It might cost a little more upfront, but something done right the first time, will save you more than  just money it will save your sanity.

White-Label Marketing from Sofionik

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