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The Value of Marketing to Small and Mid-Sized Business

Posted on April 10, 2013 in Content strategy by Travis Nesse

Today’s marketing scene is a complex operation that many small and mid-size businesses do not have the time and resources to cultivate. As a result many companies are turning to white-label marketing solutions to help them get an edge on the competition.

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Marketing Automation — The Web Gets More Personal

Posted on March 27, 2013 in Content strategy by Travis Nesse

The Internet has opened new doors for finding services and products, but has made things rather impersonal; enter Content Marketing Automation (CMA). Read more to learn how CMA is shaping the way websites interact with people.

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Five Things Your Content Needs to Do For You

Posted on October 12, 2012 in Content strategy by Travis Nesse

We were greatly concerned with the lack of quality web content, and instead of standing by and complaining, we picked up arms and decided to make a stand for making quality content available to everyone. To start this process we created a checklist of things we find to be essential for creating quality content that visitors find informative and relevant.

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Does a Blog Spell Success for a Medical Practice?

Posted on March 03, 2012 in Content strategy by Dmitry Ozik

That folks is a very good question and it's one we get asked nearly every day. Usually we tell our clients the same basic things: a blog works if you're consistent, it works if you're talking to and about your market (instead of about yourself), and it works if you're willing to work it.

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Why You Need More Than Just a Greatly Designed Website to Attract New Customers

Posted on January 03, 2012 in Content strategy by Brendan McCrain

For a while now, Sofionik has specialized in crafting usable, findable websites that rank well in search engines and include a host of features that make doing business online as easy as it should be. For the last year, we've been specializing in something else as well: content marketing.

Don't know what that is? That's cool, a lot of business owners don't. In fact, we've noticed it's sometimes a little bit difficult to communicate the importance of content marketing, especially to clients who haven't marketed on the web before.

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Does Content Matter?

Posted on February 11, 2011 in Content strategy by Brendan McCrain

The short answer is yes. Content matters. Thoughtful design is important, functionality is necessary for users to get what they need from your site. Search engine rankings will attract visitors. But content is what will keep them there. Content can inspire and compel. Content can entertain and educate, building trust and confidence in your expertise and authority in your industry.

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Does the World Need Another Blog?

Posted on February 01, 2011 in Content strategy by Dmitry Ozik

If you start a new blog on's free hosting site, your default tag line is "just another Wordpress blog..." This little joke illustrates a useful point: Every blog starts out as "just another" in a sea of opinions, news, reviews, tutorials, rants, and raves.

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