Communication: Making Websites Great Since Forever

Posted on June 17, 2011 in Client relations by Dmitry Ozik
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Communication is the foundation on which successful projects are built. We can’t work without it, too much of it hinders projects, but when you do it right the results can be amazing. Projects that start with good communication will run smoother, finish closer to the original timeline (notice I say closer) and leave everyone feeling a lot happier about working together in the future.

Start Projects by Asking the Right Questions

Whether you are a designer, copywriter, artist or programmer, knowing what’s needed upfront is the best way to set yourself up for an awesome project.  It may take some trial and error to discover the right questions to get the answers you need but once you’ve figured out the right combination, put them together into a questionnaire that you can modify for each client.

Keep track of questions that worked in the past and modify ones that don’t seem to be getting any answers. Sometimes it’s hard to see that your question might be vague or confusing to a client, so try and be as specific as you can and always invite clients to call you if they’re unclear. Knowing how to ask the right questions takes practice; Barbara Walters wasn’t born making people cry in interviews. She spent years perfecting the technique and today, she’s famous for it.

Starting Projects Right by Giving Detailed Answers

Nothing is more frustrating for a contractor than being asked to do a job without all the necessary information. It might seem sometimes that artists, writers and designers can make masterpieces from scratch, but the truth is that it’s a combination of research, training and talent that allow us creative folk to produce outstanding marketing.

Make sure you work with a designer that asks lots of questions in the first stages of the project. It’s a sign that they’re creating targeted marketing based on your needs and values. And make sure to answer any questions as thoroughly as possible and think about how you can go the extra mile to provide research or ideas and contribute to a spectacular website design or social media campaign. We’re surprised when some clients seem reluctant to discuss their business’s goals and values in detail. If your designer doesn’t seem interested in finding out as much about your company as they can, they might not be delivering a fabulous product. Luckily, (shameless plug) if you’re here, you don’t have that problem. Feel free to give us a call if it’s time to reevaluate your web strategy.

Communication Ecosystem

Great communication is water on a tomato plant, give it the right amount and you’ll be swimming in red sauce all year long. Business is the same way. We’ve seen projects grow from “simple” SEO optimization to complete redesigns with new content and search engine marketing campaigns, and it’s all due to good communication. When your clients, contractors and colleagues feel understood, appreciated and accountable, there’s nothing standing between your vision and reality. You’ll create a thriving ecosystem that’s fertile ground for new concepts and achievements and you’ll naturally attract the kind of people you want to do business with.

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