Design process


It all begins with a meeting (with free coffee!). We'll go over your business, your current strategy and your goals. We'll ask a ton of questions and identify your specific needs, making sure that everyone's clear about your objectives.

We then research your competitors and examine your brand image from a customer's perspective. During this part of the process we discuss both your current and potential audiences to determine your ideal market. Information gathered during this stage serves as building blocks for further stages of development.

Once we've got a crystal clear picture of your goals, we begin brainstorming solutions. Superb design is a product of collaboration and imagination. We don't just think outside the box, we smash the box and toss it in the recycling bin.



We take our best ideas from the discovery process and create an outstanding design that represents your unique goals and values. Starting with logos, colors and overall theme, we expand to make every part of your website look great and flow together.

With targeted content you’ll attract the perfect prospects at every stage of the buying cycle. Sofionik carefully crafts webpages to entice humans who purchase your services as well as search engine spiders.

Give your visitors all the information they need to become long-term customers. Patient-education articles, homeowner remodeling-guides and entertaining or educational blog posts are all examples of engaging content that boosts SEO and drives sales. We’re so enamored with the effectiveness of great content that we include it in every web design package.



After the design and the content are created, our developers bring the site to life. HTML templates are made and configured into a content management system (CMS) that allows you to update your site with ease. We then code and implement custom functionality specific to your needs.

Regardless of project complexity, our code (HTML, CSS, Java) is always clean, making updates and maintenance incredibly easy.



Kick the tires and light the fires...Once the site has been designed and developed, we test functionality and performance in all major browsers; no two browsers interpret code in exactly the same way. Your site is then installed onto your server.

After you've given your enthusiastic approval (we settle for nothing less), control of the site is transferred from our team to yours. We encourage several meetings prior to final launch. We'll discuss the site in detail and provide all necessary training for whomever you've designated to service it. Our goal is to leave you with a clear understanding of how your shiny new site functions and the confidence to make any updates or maintenance you may need. If you'd like us to manage the upkeep of your site, we'll be happy to handle that for you.



So your website is live and ready for the world. Now what?

How will people find you? Are they doing what you want them to do when they get there?

We'll show you all we know about effective web strategy (that's a lot) and work with you to generate traffic and convert visitors into loyal


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